To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

What We Offer

The Robert Morgan Dance program offer a variety of dance courses in technique, repertory,  and choreography & performance. These courses educate and empower students to hone in on their craft. Students are challenged intellectually and physically to create, question, dissect, and innovate. The program is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for artists to flourish. Students have various opportunities throughout the year to perform in dance concerts, dance districts, community events, dance festivals, pep rallies, and competitions. They also participate in master classes and learn guest artist choreography.

What We Think

We believe in the power of dance to produce well-rounded, critical thinkers, who have an awareness and sensitivity for the world they live in. Dance unlocks the innovation living inside each person and we believe our program creates space for that process. All of our students are provided with significant educational and extracurricular experiences that allow them see to the breadth, possibility, and diversity of their art form. Additionally, students are exposed to dance as a pathway for undergraduate study and professional development.

What We Value

We value students who are committed to their individual process as a dancer. Students are expected to wholeheartedly dive into rehearsals, technique class, and their personal movement practice with the aim of moving towards transformation and embodiment. Collaboration, team work, leadership, and synergy are key learning components of the program.

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