Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an exciting elective course for young men and women who have the desire to learn leadership skills. Students will earn credit towards graduation while learning leadership with a heavy emphasis on motivating others to become better citizens. Students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of challenging and exciting extra-curricular activities such as the competition drill team, color guard, and adventure teams. Students are given uniforms and earn rank, awards, and military decorations.The program is organized as an actual U.S Army unit. Under the supervision of Army Cadre, cadets supervise and manage their units.

About Us

Colonel Brown
LTC Stanley Brown
Senior Army Instructor
U.S. Army, Retired

American Senior High School’s JROTC program was established by department of the Army General Order Number 16, dated 30 July 1993. In so doing American’s program joined 1,238 other Army Junior ROTC Battalions across America that offered ROTC to high school cadets. Cadet enrollment averages slightly above 251 cadets, making American one of the largest programs in Miami-Dade County.  The Patriot Battalion is a diverse group and comprised of many ethnic groups. Male cadets historically slightly outnumber female making up about 52% of the battalion. Freshman represent approximately 93% of the cadet population, sophomores 4%, juniors and seniors 3%.

Unit Crest Approved 29 Nov 95

Unit Crest Approved 29 Nov 95

Shoulder Insignia Approved 14 Nov 95

Shoulder Insignia Approved 14 Nov 95

Community Service

Service is a strong tradition among Patriots, as such our Cadets are visible within the community and are routinely called upon to support civic organizations, churches, chamber’s of commerce, parks, etc. Cadet’s are also regular volunteers at the Veterans hospital in support of disabled soldiers. Earning as many as 60 hours community service each year, Cadets easily qualify to receive the prestigious Silver tassel at graduation – an honor reserved for only the select few that accumulates 100 hours service while in high school.

Team Bulding

The ability to view one’s self as a necessary member of a group and earnest participation in accomplishing the goal’s of the group is fundamental to the principal of teamwork. Numerous team building activities are scheduled throughout the year that place cadets in challenging situations where success hinges upon each member’s emotional and physical commitment. Many of the events are borrowed from youth based groups that specialize in enhancing leadership and team building skills.

Summer Camp

Summer Leadership Camp is conducted annually and funded by the Army. The physical location of camp changes from year to year to take advantage of resources available at that time. The duration of camp is 5-6 nights. Activities are designed to enhance confidence as well as build leadership skills. Cadets selected for camp must demonstrate maturity, commitment, and willingness to utilize the skills acquired at camp to assist cadets placed under their charge the upcoming school year. American High sends 10 to 15 cadets each year who are among the hundreds participating state wide. Participants must be enrolled in JROTC.

Precision Drill

The appearance of precision and movement in unison has been an aspiration of military units throughout history. It is viewed as a strong indicator ofpride, cohesion, and comradely, and is only achieved through dedication, rehearsal and willingness to follow the lead of cadets charged with preparing the group.

JROTC units achieving this goal compete in local and state competitions – each hoping to earn recognition as the best in their category. American has been highly successful. Our female color guard and female unarmed squad leads the team in trophies for first, second and third place finishes.

Physical Endurance

Raider’s consist of both male and female cadets and is designed to instill physical and mental toughness. Events include cross country running, construction of rope bridges, land navigation, and iron man.