The mission of the Law Studies Academy is to prepare students to become future leaders in the field of Law. Students acquire knowledge of criminal, forensic, and civil law through a variety of projects, extended classroom experiences, internships, and guest speakers. The fundamentals and principles learned by academy students will prepare them to excel in the legal profession. The following items are highlights of activities you can expect when you are in the Law Academy.

  • Court Room Field Trips
  • Jail Visits
  • College and University Visits
  • District and State Mock Trial
  • Internships
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Professional Guest Speakers
  • Crime Lab Field Trips

Academy Courses

  • Street Law: Students learn about the American legal system and are provided with an introduction to the fundamental civil and criminal justice procedures.
  • Forensic Law: Students learn how forensic science is used in today’s modern criminal justice system through labs and coursework.
  • Business Law: Students learn how civil law is used in the Business world today and also learn how to start their own business.
  • Mock Trial: The students spend the year working on a mock trial case and then compete in a year end district wide competition.
  • Constitutional Law: Students spend the year analyzing the constitution and how it’s still the foundation of our legal system.

Law Academy Vision Statement

The Law Academy aims to educate students about legal careers and help promote future opportunities in the Justice System.

For More Information Please Contact American High School 305-557-3770

Richard Browning Lead Teacher