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Cambridge Program

The Cambridge program combines an emphasis on mastering subjects in depth with the development skills for study and work in the future. Cambridge values deep subject knowledge as well as the conceptual understanding that helps students make links between different aspects of a subject. Cambridge encourages students to develop higher order thinking skills,  problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting arguments. These are transferable skills that will last a lifetime, preparing students for their future lives. They also make learning enjoyable and rewarding.

The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is an international curriculum and examination system that emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study. Alongside in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects, students also need to master a broader range of skills critical for success in university study and employment. The Cambridge AICE Diploma offers breadth across the curriculum and depth in selected subjects, with a balance of math and science, language, and arts and humanities. When students at American Senior High School earn their AICE diploma, they are automatically eligible for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars Award that pays 100 percent of tuition at a state university. One hundred (100) hours of community service is also required; however, Cambridge students are automatically eligible to receive 200 hours of community service when they take Leadership Techniques Honors, which is a course designed to have our Cambridge students assist struggling students with their classwork in the form of peer tutoring.

The Cambridge qualifications are globally known and accepted by universities and employers at home and around the world. A Cambridge qualification comes with an impressive reputation, and will retain its value for a lifetime of education and employment. Over 2,100 universities and colleges worldwide recognize Cambridge qualifications. They are accepted by every UK university, by more than 800 universities in the US, including all the Ivy League universities, and in many other major destinations. Universities and employers recognize our qualifications as evidence of academic achievement. They understand that the demand of the Cambridge curricula and the rigor of the assessments give students what they need to flourish in higher education.

Cambridge at American

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Admission Requirements

  • Academics/Grades (minimum of 3.0 unweighted GPA)
  • FSA ELA Score (3 or above)
  • Algebra I EOC (3 or above)
  • Outstanding attendance and behavior


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