Welcome back! The 2019 – 2020 school year is upon us and as in previous years, it promises to be a great one for American Senior High School. The effort and work that the custodial staff has put forth has made a difference. The school looks fantastic. The cleanliness and upkeep of both the interior and exterior of the building is nothing less than spectacular. The halls are shinning and the grounds are well-manicured. American is truly showing its colors – red, white, and blue! 

Since August 14, 2019, teachers have been preparing to receive the students for a successful opening of school day. Teachers have been given guidelines promoting standards and expectations. In addition, they have been made aware of new initiatives launched by the district, M-DCPS, as well as by the school. Similarly, the data generated during the 2019 – 2020 school year has been analyzed and discussed to ensure that students are accurately placed and that instructional practices needed to help students move in a positive direction and achieve their academic goals are imbedded in the classroom. 

As it has been in years past, the administrative team has had a long summer, yet a very fruitful one. The administrative team has been working diligently to provide parents, students, and staff with an institution that is worthy of their expectations. Apart from having the building cleaned and ready to receive students, the administrative team has been working hard to find teachers to replace open positions vacated by former teachers. In all, 5 new teachers and 1 CAP Advisor, some new to the profession and others transfers from other locations, have been hired at American Senior for the upcoming year. This continues to give American a different look and an opportunity to grow and improve on our abilities to best serve our student body. 

This school year, as in previous ones, the number of courses offered at ASHS has improved. Students will now have the opportunity to take a Dual Enrollment course under a new partnership with Miami Dade College, 8 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 5 Pre-AICE (Cambridge) courses, and up to 11 Cambridge courses. It is important to note that the 8-period day has brought additional offerings to the school. Some of those include theater 3, speech and debate, and Italian. All in all, American continues to find ways to improve and excel. 

Similarly, American remains committed to finding ways to improve student behavior. The implementation of the Superintendent’s Values Matter Initiative continues to be a focal point in the area. Students are encouraged to dress properly, speak properly, and treat all members of the community with respect. As in the past, I urge parents to work with the school community to get a unified message to our students. Parents are asked to please continue to support their children and help them become responsible and contributing members of our society. 

Finally, parents, it is imperative that students are present in school all day, every day. If students are not in school, they are not learning; they are missing out on vital instruction and enriching peer discussions. Overall, the outlook of the new school year looks extremely encouraging. 

I am looking forward to a successful 2019 – 2020 Opening of School. 


Principal, Stephen E. Papp
American Senior High School