Program Features (AOHT)

We are currently celebrating our 31 year anniversary! The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) gives students the opportunity to become “young professionals” in high school. Students can also earn college credit, network with professionals in the industry, and earn work experience through the internship program during the summer of their junior year of high school.

4 year Magnet Program (grades 9-12)

Member of the National Academy Foundation (NAF) also check for information on scholarships.

All students must have $18 school insurance for all field trips and for the summer internship.

DECA Student Marketing Organization – $30 per year (students may be eligible for a minimum of $1,500 DECA Scholarship in college if they participated during high school.

Each student must have 100 community service hours upon graduation.

Specialized studies that benefit our students. In Miami, Hospitality & Tourism is a big draw for tourism and opportunity pool for many careers because of the Miami International Airport, the Port of Miami and the many cruise lines that operate here as well as our many hotels, restaurants, sports teams, and tourist attractions.

Field Studies (field trips), internship opportunities, and guidance through guest speaking and or conferences or workshops.

“Family” learning environment where student feels safe and comfortable with teachers and students they know throughout their 4 year high school experience.

Academics and conduct are closely monitored to keep the student on the right track. If a student needs to be placed on probation, the student is counseled and helped to improve grades by the next grading period.

Competition and Scholarship opportunities are provided through our national student organization, DECA, the AOHT Board, and NAF. Eligible for Florida Gold Seal Scholarships.

Black Hospitality Initiative of Greater Miami Scholarships for African American Students 

Industry Certification – NAFTRACK Certified Hiring, Certified Hospitality & Tourism Management Professional (HTMP), Servsafe Food Protection Manager, Illustrator, and Photoshop.