Characteristics of the Gifted Child

The gifted student is one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance. These students require educational programs and experiences different from and/or in addition to those provided by the regular school program.


What does it mean to be “gifted”?

Gifted children tend to have many of the characteristics below.

The gifted child often…
  • Reads well and widely
  • Early or avid reader (if too young to read, loves being read to)
  • Reasons well (good thinker)
  • Learns rapidly
  • Has an unusually large vocabulary
  • Has an excellent memory for things heard or read
  • Has a long attention span (if interested)
  • Sensitive (feelings hurt easily)
  • Shows compassion
  • Morally sensitive (concerned with justice, fairness)
  • Has strong curiosity and asks tough questions
  • Tends to question authority
  • Perfectionistic
  • Has facility with numbers
  • Intense
  • Perseverant in areas of interest
  • Has high degree of energy
  • Judgment mature for age at times
  • Prefers older companions or adults
  • Likes to collect things
  • Has a wide range of interests (multipotentiality)
  • Is widely informed about many topics
  • Has a keen sense of humor
  • Is a keen observer
  • Has a vivid imagination
  • Is highly creative
  • Produces original or unusual products or ideas
  • Enjoys complicated games and puzzles