Digital Media/Multimedia Design

Students who choose a career in Digital Media/Multimedia Design at iTECH Academy are prepared for employment and postsecondary education in digital media, new media, and multimedia. The content includes but is not limited to practical experiences in visual communication, Web page design, interactive presentation development, testing and production. Specialized skills in multimedia presentations such as video editing, audio features, and simple animation and authoring software are also taught.

Through their assigned counselors and Miami Springs Senior High School’s subject selection forms, students can choose iTECH’s Digital Media/Multimedia Design CAPE Academy as electives. Interested students do not need to apply through MDCPS’ School Choice and Parental Options. Students who choose iTECH’s Digital Media/Multimedia Design CAPE Academy as electives learn to communicate visually using Adobe Photoshop software, interactive media using Adobe Flash Professional, graphic design and illustration using Adobe Illustrator, video communication using Adobe Premiere and Web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver. With their skills, students produce multimedia communications campaigns for the school and community, manage Web content for Miami Springs Senior High, produce a marketable portfolio, and compete nationally and internationally. In addition, students become eligible to validate their Adobe skills with the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification. The ACA certification, in addition to a portfolio and accolades, validates basic, entry-level skills in digital communication, creation, and design using Adobe tools. Moreover, it allows students to stand apart from their peers, boost confidence, and expand career opportunities.

The Digital Media/Multimedia Design Academy at iTECH Academy shares its economy with the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, Elan Digital Literature and Art, Zeitgeist Digital Reporting, and Hawk Eye News TV and Broadcasting.

In addition to numerous Honorable Recognition by Miami-Dade County School Board Members during school board meetings, the Mayor of Miami Springs during City of Miami Springs Town Hall meetings, the City of Miami Spring’s Gazette and the US House of Representatives for multimedia communication skills and leadership roles. The following are some of iTECH Academy’s Magnet and Digital Media/Multimedia Design CAPE Academy’s recent accolades:

First and Second place 2015 Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Division of Student Services Blue Ribbon Child Abuse Awareness Poster Contest. First place for the 2015 Miami-Dade County Public Schools’  Division of Human Services Human Trafficking Awareness Poster Contest. Three 2015 South Florida Award Recipients for the National Center for Women and Information Technology’s Aspiration in Computing. 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar. Best in State and Best in Region for the 2015 Verizon App Challenge. First place for Voter’s Choice Vids 4 Kids Drug Facts for Young People. 2014 South Florida Award Recipient for the National Center for Women and Information Technology’s Aspiration in Computing. Fourth place layout design for 2014 Health Occupation Students of America competition. Third place layout design for 2014 Miami-Dade County Health Occupation Students of America. First place for the 2014 High School Safety Campaign Poster Contest. First place for the 2013 logo for Youth Count for Miami-Dade County’s Homeless Trust. Award recipient for 2013 Mu Alpha Theta Women in Programming Video. 2012 Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Proclamation against Bullying and Harassment Honorarium. First place for the 2012 Miami-Dade County Bully-Free-0-Five PSA Video Contest.