Dual Enrollment

At iTECH Academy we administer the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test to your child during the tenth grade to determine your child’s eligibility to take a summer dual enrollment course at Miami Dade College. If your child is eligible for dual enrollment and chooses to participate during their tenth grade summer, the course offered is CGS 1060, Introduction to Microcomputer Usage, a prerequisite to computer programming for games and apps. The class and textbook is of no charge to your child and classes take place at the Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2 AVE in downtown Miami. Transportation must be provided by you and we recommend Metro Bus, Rail, and/or Mover. Taking a college course during the summer will provide college experience and help your child stand out among their peers.

After taking CGS 1060, Introduction to Microcomputer Usage, your child becomes eligible for additional summer dual enrollment classes during their eleventh grade summer such as COP1334, Intro to C++ Programming and/or COP2800, Java Programming.

While your child looks forward to summer fun, they should know the advantages of taking a college course or two. College courses in the summer can bring many benefits. Above all, it can help your child prepare for their future in college. Also, it’s just two or three days a week for 6 weeks. Read on for reasons why your child might want to take college courses this summer.

Get Rid of the Fear of the Unknown
Many students worry about college-level courses. Rather than being anxious about what college level courses will hold, a student can take a summer course and get those worries out of the way.

Earn College Credits Early
The first year of college can be tough. However, students can gain some of their credits early and move a little faster toward earning their degree. 

Show a Desire to Excel
Students can show colleges they wish to excel by taking a course or two early. It demonstrates they have what it takes to succeed and makes them stand out among their peers. 

Show Maturity and Responsibility
Students with summer courses behind them will benefit from a little experience and will know what lies ahead their first year of college, unlike other college freshmen who may still be in the high school state of mind. Also, the college that accepted them will see they’re ready and serious about their studies.