English Language Arts & Dual Enrollment

RMEC is proud of the great work that is being done in the ELA – English Language Arts department. ELA forms the foundation for effective communication. The ability to construct meaning through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and the process of inquiring as well as the ability to present ideas through writing, speaking, and visual media are the bases of English Language Arts and what we seek to impart in each of our courses.

The study of ELA encourages students to control their lives and become more effective thinkers through communication, reflection, and understanding. ELA forms the basis of success in all courses as ELA constitutes both a discipline in its own right, like mathematics or science, and a means of communicating about all other disciplines. Without a command of these English Language Arts skills it is difficult to think about, understand, or explain other disciplines. The ELA department emboldens students to become masters at literature and rhetoric in a manner that will confidently prepare them for their future endeavors.

The following teachers make up the English language arts department:

Abramesco, Mona  – English I, SADD Club  – jackson1013@dadeschools.net

Adams, John – English III, English IV, ESOL – 163708@dadeschools.net

Adger, Rochelle – English I, Bible Club – raadger@dadeschools.net

Aronowitz, Karen – English III – karonwitz@dadeschools.net

Black, Martha – English III, English IV, GSA – mblack@dadeschools.net

Carithers, Sandra – English II, SPED – scarithers@dadeschools.net

Clovis, Kathleen – English III, AP Language and Composition, English Honor Society, National Honor Society  – Kclovis@dadeschools.net

Desmond, Debra – English III, TV Production 1&2, C/o 2015, Film Club – ddesmond@dadeschools.net

Figuerola, Marcus – English II, Creative Writing club – mfiguerola@dadeschools.net

Gonzalez-Mendez, Maria – English II, Dual Enrollment/FIU – Rhetoric and Writing – mgm9999@dadeschools.net

Greenfield, Linda – English IV, Theatre Link – Screenwriting  – lgreenfield@dadeschools.net

Hernandez, Martha – English I, English III – hernandezm@dadeschools.net

Malouf, Teresa – English II, ESOL, TV Production, Yearbook – Department Chairperson – tmalouf@dadeschools.net

McMillian, April – English IV – AmcMillian@dadeschools.net

Perez-Archilla, Doreen – English II – dperez-archilla@dadeschools.net

Phanord, Martine – English IV, SPED – phanordm@dadeschools.net

Singh, Michelle – English II, SHAPE club, 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year – Michellesingh@dadeschools.net

Sixto, Marite – English II, English IV – MSIXTO@dadeschools.net

Smyler, Claudia – English I, ESOL, Anime club – csmyler@dadeschools.net


BELOW see the Summer Reading Assignments which will help you be prepared for your new year at Robert Morgan EC.

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