AYES Automotive Technology

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Passionate About Cars? We Are Too.
If you’re interested in high-tech, fast-paced and lucrative work in the automotive service industry, AYES can not only provide you with a solid education while you are in high school, but also offers you the opportunity of a paid internship under a senior technician at a local automotive service employer. This will provide you with the skills needed to build a great career.
Here’s How AYES Benefits Students:
  • Provides opportunities for “real life” applications of knowledge gained in the classroom (especially Math, Science and Communication skills), thereby making school more interesting and enjoyable.
  • Offers academic and on-the-job challenges in accordance with the highest standards for automotive technical programs in the country.
  • Enhances employability as an entry-level automotive technician through the recognized attainment of specified competencies.
  • Provides opportunities for on-the-job experience in service repair environment, which will, in many cases, lead to an offer of permanent employment upon graduation.
  • Affords the opportunity to secure an exceptional foundation of baseline knowledge and practical skills, thereby enabling the AYES graduate to pursue a number of opportunities related to automotive technology, either immediately or after gaining additional paid experience.

Getting Started

  • If your high school training is in the automotive field, ask your counselor how you can enroll in the AYES program at Robert Morgan Educational Center.
  • If you have not selected a high school training or carrier path, look into the AYES program at www.ayes.org
  • Contact your local automobile dealer or independent business association to learn more about education and employment opportunities in your community.
For more information please see the AYES Testimonial Video web link below


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