The love for beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art. If you are passionate, creative, and enjoy working with your hands, the Cosmetology Program here at Robert Morgan Educational Center is the best choice for you. Cosmetology has the tools to get you fully equipped for an exciting career as a: hairstylist, makeup artist, nail tech and much more. Every student will be given the opportunity to purchase a kit in the beginning of the year. These kits will provide all the tools needed to advance and develop your skills and techniques. We provide each student with a strong foundation that will carry them into a rewarding field of Cosmetology.

 The Cosmetology Program is not just about hair and makeup. We also showcase our talents in Skills USA. This competition empowers students to become world class workers and leaders. Robert Morgan is privileged to have many state and local winners in this competition and each year Cosmetology has been one of them.

 Course Objectives:

  • Obtain knowledge, understanding and skill of the theory and practice of hair design.
  • Develop a habit of performing work properly, displaying professional ethical standards.
  • Develop good, professional work relationships with hair salon coworkers and employers.
  • Obtain knowledge of products in order to wisely select and utilize them in all phases of hair salon use.
  • Acquire motivation that will encourage growth and the desire to keep abreast of new hairdressing ideas and trends by attending workshops and seminars for continuing education.
  • Develop confidence and expertise that will reflect itself in the passage of the State Board Exam and the acquiring of a state cosmetology license.