Medical Lab Academy

The purpose of the Miami Springs Senior High School Medical Academy is to provide students with comprehensive academic foundations and skills enabling them to continue their education while preparing them for careers in the healthcare field. Additionally, the academy endows students with the skills and expertise necessary to provide the best quality care to patients. We strive to instill a spirit and passion for health-care throughout their training while promoting leadership qualities including: determination, diligence, and responsibility. Miami Springs Senior High School provides students seeking a career in the medical field with the opportunity to complete a four year program offered at this institution. The program consists of four required courses: Health Science I, Health Science II, Medical Lab III, and Medical Lab IV. Once the students have completed the four courses stated above, they are eligible to take a state test called the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Exam (CMAA), which allows them to work in a health care setting immediately after graduation. Each year Health Science students earn a CPR certification at the completion of the classes. In addition, they are encouraged to join two medical clubs such as Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) as well as the Health Information Project (HIP). Both of these clubs help students develop with a great sense of confidence, provide leadership skills opportunities and helps develop a partnership with their community which improve the overall quality of their neighborhood.